Five Essential Tips to Nail A First Impression

The human brain processes non-verbal information much faster than verbal communication. Within a couple seconds of meeting someone for the first time, the brain has already assessed a long list of factors about that person (for better or for worse) such as gender, age range, physical attributes, general hygiene,  how the individual is dressed, and the level of confidence they display through body posture and facial expression. This information then immediately creates a filter through which the brain will initially process verbal communication coming from that person. You truly only have one chance to make a great first impression!

Now that we are aware of how the brain formulates first impressions, it’s time we up our game in this critical area of communication. So, let’s take a look at some tangible action steps we can take to nail that first impression whether we are speaking in front of a crowd, being introduced to an executive from work, or perhaps meeting that special someone for the first time.

Dress for Business Success

Man in business atire

Business success rarely surprises those who achieve it, they show up every day expecting it!

If you work in a professional office setting you have likely been introduced to the “business casual” approach to modern-day workplace dress. The concept of dressing for business success is quickly fading in many work settings. There appears to be no baseline for what appropriate workplace dress should look like anymore. What was once casual Fridays has now become the norm five days a week. While I am all in favor of loosening (or losing) the stiff necktie look, workplace dress is still an area where you can set yourself apart from the crowd in subtle ways with a little planning!

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Key to Business Success


I dove into breakfast the other day only to be surprised by the unpleasant sensation of a fork with one prong that was bent and out of line with the other three. You might not think this would be a big deal but it definitely detracted from an otherwise great breakfast. With every bite, I was repeatedly reminded of the bent prong as it rubbed against my mouth. Many people I observe, and in the past even admired lead lives that are like a bent fork prong. They are known for their amazing leadership skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and overall business successes. But if you look a little closer, you realize something is out of balance.

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